Why Choose Click2Pay as your online solution?

Click2Pay is a fast and easy solution to all your online banking needs.

If you ever need to transfer cash online you will be able to do so quickly and safely using Click2Pay.

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How it works:
Click2Pay as your online solution

  •     You will register your own Click2Pay online account
  •     You will then log into your personal Click2Pay account submit all your details and information. Don’t worry, this is all kept confidential and safe.
  •     Your personal details are transmitted exclusively via a secure SSL connection and whether you are opening a new account or making a purchase, your data will be protected With a 128-bit key security.
  •     Make a purchase online and select Click2Pay as your payment method
  •     Choose the type of settlement on the site and make the payment
  •     Your payment will go through immediately via your Click2Pay account.
  •     It’s as easy as that.
  • The Advantages of Click2Pay:
  •     Click2Pay allows you to pay thousands of online merchants worldwide safely and easily.
  •     You can make a payment at any time and the merchant will receive the money immediately.
  •     Your personal details are kept safe in your Click2Pay account.
  •     You won’t have to provide your personal details to every individual merchant.
  •     24/7 customer service is available to you.
  •     You’ll have access to your online account wherever you are.
  •     You can view payments, statements and manage all your personal account information.
  •     You can track your spending online at any time.
  •     Click2Pay offers you the opportunity to control costs in your personal account management.
  •     You will be able to enjoy financial freedom
  •     Click2Pay is accepted by thousands of online stores and merchants worldwide.